Welcome Routine...It's Nice to See You Again, We've Missed You!

Part of me was sad to see summer go, but a bigger part of me was happy to see a routine back in place.  We don't take major summer vacations, or have any crazier adventures than we would normally have.  I like adventure, summertime or not, so I don't think much will change around our joint other than we'll have a bit more structure to our days.  That's the idea anyway.....true to form I had one bucking the system on the first day of school!

We didn't do the grade/school year signs this year.  They didn't cooperate last year so I trashed that idea.  We did do a Daisy picture which seemed much more their speed and will have to be our new tradition rather than all of the cute signs you see all over the internet.

Ready to roll with his new kicks from Nana and Umpa.

And the world's largest backpack that he just HAD to have.

And this one.....oh this child and his clothes!!!!  We set clothes out last night, I was proactive, he was happy, I was happy, then this morning came around and he pulled a fast one.  He didn't like the shorts he'd set out (nevermind that he's worn them all summer) and he didn't like the 32 other pairs he tried on including some of his brother's.  So the sweat shorts I love SO much (you CAN hear the sarcasm right????) went for the first day of school half way up his rib cage and tied so tight I swear his liver is going to be cut in half.  I'd appreciate it if one of the three readers I have could give me a suggestion that actually worked for this kid and clothes so he doesn't go through life like Steve Urkel or having two livers while looking like he's off to a basketball game.  I'm sooooo tired of athletic wear EVERY single day!!!  P.S. Notice I chose not to face that battle on the first day of school.   Oh and notice those crazy bright shoes from Nana and Umpa.  They're super cool! 

Notice the treat in Greyson's hand and Diasy licking her lips!  So cute!

Last year's Daisy picture. 

Walking up the sidewalk to the school yard.  

Then we waited in line while the boys told me how cold it was (55 degrees) and reunited with friends from last year.  Greyson has a lot of boys from Cub Scouts in his class which made me really happy.   Owen only knew 2-3 kids from last year so he'll be able to make a lot of new friends.

Can you tell that this one is getting tired of the pictures this morning.  :-)  Always a good sport though.

And thankfully I don't have to buy shoes like these below or my boys....

Here's to another successful school year for everyone!!!!