My Baby Is Nine!

My baby turns 9 today.  I don't know how I feel about that.  It's rough.  

Greyson, you're an amazing boy.  You're the boy who will change the world, because the world certainly isn't going to change you!  You are extremely smart, funny, so darn funny, caring, sweet, athletic, stubborn, helpful, puzzling, driven, focused, and you bring me so much more than I ever dreamed motherhood would bring.

Watching you play football is one of the most fun things.  I've waited for years for things like this and I just love it!   You're standing out as an excellent player and should be so proud of yourself!

You are always helpful and when you offer to do something or I ask you to do something I am confident it will get done and that you'll give it your all.  You're also usually game for running errands with me and I truly enjoy your company.  I love having you around.  You've been growing in how you show others you care about them too.  It's beautiful to see.  It meant the world to me when you built me my cooking fire pit.  It showed true character when you looked out for your brother this weekend.

It's fun to watch you developing into your own person and having the confidence to be different.  You know what you like and aren't afraid to go against the grain a little.  That's a GREAT quality!

Did I mention you're funny? You make me laugh!  I love your sense of humor.

You love the outdoors, hunting, and fishing and I couldn't be happier about that.  Seeing the true joy you get from the simple things this world has to offer makes me feel like we might be doing something right.  One of my favorite things from this summer was when we went camping and I was able to relax and sip my coffee and take pictures of you fishing.  I loved chatting with you, and was just as excited as you were every time you caught one of those teeny tiny fish! 

Experiencing Cub Scouts with you has been a dream as well.  I've had so much fun being able to share that with you.  Mom and Son camp, as well as summer camp were some of the best times I've had as a mom.  Thank you!

You get a bit anxious about being late.  It's another good quality.  And sort of cute. 

You like being pampered just like your daddy.  I'll scratch your back anytime! 

I think our dogs might also know how great you are!

Thank you for making motherhood a dream!  Thank you for being you!  You are special and I am so very proud of you!  I can't wait to see you after school today, to celebrate with you, to send you on a scavenger hunt for your birthday present....what can I say, it was hard to wrap a fishing pole!

I love you Greyson, every ounce of you!

Happy birthday my boy!


  1. I'm late here, but Happy Birthday Greyson! What a sweet kid, and I love everything that you wrote about him here Sarah. I know birthdays are very tough on a mama's heart. They never get easier, huh?! It's like your heart is so proud and so sad at the same time, and it just goes by so fast. He is a lucky kid to have you as his mom!

  2. Oh I love this post for Greyson!!! I'm sorry I'm so late in reading it but happy birthday to your boy! 9!!! Wow. Time flies so fast. He seems like such a cool kid.


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