Farmers Market Fun

We have a fantastic farmers market here in town on Wednesday evenings.  Over the years this has changed from a small outdoor market with a few vendors to a full-on social event that spans two long city blocks.  There are veggies (of course), sweets, beer & wine, crafts, jewelry, hot food booths, goat cheese, music, street performers, and more.  I love it!  Even if sometimes it's a bit crowded in areas, growth has a few drawbacks I guess.  We went last night while Owen was at baseball practice and the evening was perfect for it.

One of my favorite veggie booths this year.  Cutest signs!

This guy stands perfectly still on a box and when someone gives him a tip he moves to thank them.

Last night this young man was busy playing his sax for the crowd.  He looks charmed that I took his picture, huh?  I did ask!  Apparently he's not a smiler????

Greyson's favorite for samples.  Of course then he gets REALLLLY thirsty afterwards and we have to find him something to drink STAT.

Super cute booth!

My favorite sweet booth.  :-)  Unfortunately they were out of coconut by the time we stopped.  I tried Nutella last night instead.

This is a view down one direction, same scene the other way.

And flowers everywhere!!!  Greyson has been insistent every time we go that I get flowers.  It's great when Brian's around, but not so thrilling when it's just Greyson and I.  He insists I get them, like they're from him, but then I have to buy them myself.  :-)  What can I say, I like it when people buy me happy flowers.

We went home with these and they look amazing on my dining room table.  Loving the red!