My Baby Turned 7!!!!

Yesterday, my baby, my little boy, the miracle that completed our family, well, he turned 7 on me.  Thank God he still declares his love for me at least 20 times a day and calls out needing me about 75 more.  I still need that.  I need him to need me, and to still resemble a "little" kid.  Those hugs, kisses, and lengthy bedtime routines need to stay in place for a while yet.  I have a feeling they will, it seems we BOTH need that.  :-)

Owen is an extremely loving, caring little boy.  He's a creature of habit and comfort and doesn't like to venture out of his safety zones.  We're working on that!  At his pace.  Admittedly sometimes with more patience than others....don't get me started on trying to find clothes for him.  He's crazy smart, silly, athletic, and truly, just kindhearted.  No matter what his big brother has done to him, he's always working on getting him out of trouble.  He's a lovable quirky old soul.  Owen is also a very black and white thinker.  He could have had a great day and then when one thing happens in the evening that makes him upset, well, he declares the day to be the "worst day of his life!"  Really?  That bad because we ran out of strawberries?  That's my boy!  My buddy!  He hates that he has curly hair and always tries to flatten his curls.  He loves history, Star Wars, action figures, the military, and has a serious sweet tooth!  He's playing baseball for the first time this year.  Another thing to venture out of his comfort zone.  He's always played soccer and enjoyed it, but all of his new friends are playing baseball, so he went out on a limb and chose that instead.  So far, so good!  To encourage him with his new adventure we planned a baseball themed party for him!

So, for Owen's big day I took the day off of work and chaperoned his all-day field trip to a nature center.  Then we went to my office to celebrate my boss's birthday (yup, same day) and then it was back to the house to get ready for his party!

Listening to the info about what we'd find during our pond exploration.

Digging for a huge scoop of muck to see what we can find!

Um, notice that he's digging through the muck with a little scoop?  He was not about to put his hands in there.  I did.  The other girls did.  The boys???  Not so much!

We scored 1 fish and 2 juicy tadpoles in that net!

Then we went back into the classroom and looked at the things we found under a microscope.  Pretty cool!

It was a beautiful day so lunch was outside.  At one point this mama goose and her babies came walking by and ALL of the kids got distracted.  

For the afternoon we took a nature walk and found edible trees, stinky plants, and prickly branches.  

The party at home was a huge success.  Lots of kids running around, jumping on the trampoline, playing games, eating "baseball" food, and causing a ruckus in general!

The awesome cake our neighbor made!

The dizzy bat game.  Spin around with your head on the bat then run the bases!  Everyone got a kick out of this one! 

The intended effect!  :-)  Greyson fell down and look at those boys laughing!  Notice the lack of shoes???  Half of them had their shoes off because they were on and off the trampoline all evening.

Pinata time!

Brian had fun moving that thing up and down so everyone could have a turn before it broke.   Every time he'd move it up and someone would miss all of the kids would burst out laughing.  It was so cute!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


  1. Happy 7th birthday to your baby boy. I know exactly what you mean when you say you want him to still look like a little boy. I always wonder how long I can hold onto that with Boyd too?! Looks like a fun day for Owen! Love the pictures!

  2. Happy birthday to your baby!!! Looks like the day was a huge success!! I loved all of your pictures by the pond! What fun for adventures!!!


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