Bucket List - 26.2

After waiting about 18-months, Brian finally checked an item off his "bucket list" this weekend.  He began training in January of 2012 for the 2012 Cellcom Marathon, but when it was cancelled mid-race last year due to heat, it was sort of a let-down for him.  At that point he said he wasn't going to try it again.  When January rolled around this year he changed his mind and started training again, but not quite as hard-core as last year.  Knowing he would be running alone instead of with a friend he paced himself a little better and he also opted to enjoy life leading up to the race a little more...you know not cutting out adult beverages, Doritos, pizza night, etc.  He did great though!  You could tell he was hurting at the finish line, but he made it!

Police escort at the front of the race pack.

Waiting at mile 6.2 for Daddy with his bib number drawn on his face.

There were runners everywhere!!!

He knew we'd be at this spot so he was taking his headphones off to listen for us.  I always panic and worry that he won't see us or hear us in the crowd and won't know we were there to cheer him on.  He spotted us.

The boys relaxed with organic suckers, apples, and their Nabi's at the half-way point. 

Still going strong! 

We met up with Uncle Den at the 20 mile mark known to runners as "The Wall."  This was the furthest the marathon training had him run and this was the part he was nervous about and looking for encouragement at. I had wanted to run home and get Daisy dog to surprise him, but it was too warm to leave her sit in the car when we went to the finish line.  Of course I ended up being surrounded by dogs when we got there.  I had no idea they'd let her in.  Bummer!  

When we saw Brian coming, Greyson jumped up to the trail and ran with him through the inflatable wall they had set up.

Crossing the finish line!  Then he was off to get the longest post-race massage ever. :-)

Meanwhile Uncle Den looked after his medal and had a few beverages.  The boys had some root beer and brats, and I moved the car to a closer spot for leaving.  

This is a really fun event and he's participated in the half-marathon and relays in years past.  So, while he doesn't want to repeat the full 26.2 miles, I think we're going to try to find a way to stay involved.  Greyson really wants to do a family relay team or to run the half-marathon next year.  We'll see.


  1. AWESOME!!! What an accomplishment!

  2. Way to go Brian!!!!! How exciting for him!

  3. So cool and what a great day. I love all the moments that you captured here. What a huge bucket list moment for him! Congrats!


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