The Dog Did It

Last night while I was working out in our home gym I heard a bit of a ruckus coming from the playroom.  The boys had been put to bed.  I wasn't sure who the culprit was, but I had a hunch.  I quick grabbed my phone to take a video for evidence.

So, this morning while I boys were eating breakfast I told them that they needed to clean up the play room.  I said it was a MESS!  Owen said Greyson must have done it because he didn't make a mess.  Greyson loudly protested his innocence.  They both tried to blame the other for a minute and then I asked if that meant the dog did it....the standard excuse when one is "needed."  They both said, yes!  It must have been Henry!

Then I showed them this!

And they both yelled, "MIN-NIE!!!!"

For the record, they still needed to clean up the mess.  I mean, if they had put the bins away in the closet where they belonged she wouldn't have been able to take 50 toys out!  Right?  Right!  


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